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Vol'jin Sound File of WoW Patch 5.4 PTR

Farmer100 always get onto the new PTR build and grab the most recent sound files for our customers’ delectation. Here is the YouTube channel address, but Farmer100 buy cheapest World of Warcraft accounts and WoW accounts for sale online store has got the latest ones after the break.


Alright, here's a quick and dirty transcript.  All of the following is read with anoutrageous troll accent:


"Da beast be slain!"

"Garrosh be concealin' a whole hidden base.  Where did his lust for power take him?"

"Baine- you and your warriors hold this junction!  These heroes should forge ahead and flush the Warchief outta hidin'!"

"People be dyin' up above.  De city is in chaos!"

"I'm gonna finish it- stop da bloodshed!"

"I'll come back for ya.  It's gonna be fine, Baine.  I'm gonna find Thrall, gonna kill the Warchief, gonna avenge your father.  Darkspear never die."

"Ain't no other way, man- we've gotta stop Garrosh here and now!  Else we be runnin' the rest of our lives!"

"They must have taken the docks!  Ha ha, welcome to da fields of slaughter!"


"They be heroes, no doubt about that!"

And here is the yaungol, who apparently has subwoofers built into his vocal chords:

"You there, I beg of you, set us free!  The strength of my clan will be with you- I swear it!"

"Just open this door."